OWL Decentralized trading platform

Creating like unhackable and secure, anonymous and quick swap platform for trading cryptocurrencies
and digital assets

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Is a secure, decentralized, anonymous and unhackable trading platform. It allows users to facilitate private financial transactions using
the new OWL coin. The OWLTRADE decentralized trading platform is a JavaScript-based download, initially available for Windows,
Mac OSX, and Linux. Android and iOS mobile apps will be released according to the roadmap.

Main feauters

  • Cross-chain compatible: Yes
  • Atomic swaps: partial support
  • Users maintain private keys: Yes
  • Fast trade confirmations: Yes
  • Low transaction fees: Yes
  • Privacy features: (ring CT if using pair OWC/another cryptocurrencies) Yes
  • Non-custodial: Yes
  • No middleman: Yes
  • Smart contracts: partial support
  • Fiat settlement: coming soon
  • Digital asset certificates: Yes
OWC is the bridge coin chat enables secure
instant transactions with atomic swaps

The OWL coin, built on its own blockchain with
the modern Bitcoin Core codebase, will be
used on the OWL decentralized asset
trading platform to

Using its Custom protocol (specialy developed for the OWLTRADE), the OWLTRADE decentralized, non-custodial platform provides for low transaction confirmation times and incredibly low transaction fees. Users are tired of getting hacked and losing their digital assets, yet enjoy the ease-of-use and rapid trades that centralized exchanges offer. OWL decentralized platform provides the high level of security that users demand, combined with an intuitive interface and rapid trade confirmations.

  • Ensure a tight buy/sell
  • Spread Pay for trading fees
  • Provide for near-instant
  • Transaction times Function as a bridge coin, to enable
  • Secure instant trading between
  • Compatible chains.
  • Minimize trading fees
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$1.6 billion worth of cryptocurrencies have been stolen to date (at market rates at the time of each hack).
At current exchange rates, that would be worth more than $15 billion.


date exchange amount sloten (usd)
2014 March
473 000 000
2015 January 5 100 000
2016 June
50 000 000
2016 August 72 000 000
2017 July
7 000 000
2017 July 32 000 000
2017 July
8 000 000
2017 November 30 900 000
2017 December
70 000 000
2018 January 530 000 000
2018 February
195 000 000
2018 April 3 500 000
2018 June
31 000 000
2018 July 45 000 000
2018 September
60 000 000
2018 October 6 000 000

Weak security at these centralized exchanges is at the forefront of these thefts. Users have little to no recourse when their digital assets are stolen. Centra lized exchanges are a target for hackers, have high fees, and offer little privacy protection. Decentralized platforms seemed like the answer that consumers were looking for, but they failed to live up to their promises. Users were quickly turned off by slow confirmation times and a lack of trading
volume and liquidity
Unlicensed and unregulated crypto asset exchanges are being regularly hacked and exit scammed. Trusting one of these rogue exchanges with your coins is like giving a stranger access to your bank account and just praying that no funds disappear.

Decentralized exchanges sound great in theory. You keep control over your own assets and your own private keys. You don’t have to trust a third party with your crypto and your data, and you get to maintain your privacy. Unfortunately, these exchanges have their own problems. They’re slow, they’re not privacy-focused, and they have very little liquidity.

Because owltrade features decentralized custody, users always maintain complete control over their coins and private keys. Even if owltrade servers go down, users always have full access to crypto wallets. A proprietary liquidity solution ensures rapid-fire matching of your trades, and the owltrade coin provides near-instant transaction times along with many other critical privacy and order execution driven features.*
*Under development. Read whitepaper for additional information.

Many blockchain projects focus on having a large marketing and admin staff, but just a few developers. OWC, in collaboration with Blocksize, took the opposite approach, building out a world class global team of blockchain developers who are passionate and dedicated about Owltrade.

  • Daniel Kirstensen Chief Technology Officer
  • Bernt Dalsgaard Software Engineer
  • Martin Chren Social Media Expert
  • Léo Allaire Software Engineer
  • Mikas Vilkauskas UX/UI Designer
  • Quang Trí Hùng Software Engineer
  • Erin Mccarthy Graphic Designer
  • Dhani Satavelekar Front-End Developer
  • John Scholz Blockchain Developer
  • Luciano Grosso Full Stack Developer
  • Liao Chun Blockchain Developer
  • Jenson Ward Chief Executive Officer
  • Erling Bergan Software Engineer
  • Luke Carter Software Architect
  • Ashton Mills UX Developer