Pro Trader Program – Module Descriptions

Module 1 – Orientation session

Our orientation module is really to get you familiar with the material and technology you will be using for the course delivery. It is also an opportunity to meet our head trading coach Shane Fry, who will walk you through this session of your training.

Module 2 – Part 1 – Mind Mastery Challenge

Many traders have not really explored the power and impact the subconscious mind has on the outcome of your trading. We are extremely confident this will be a very enlightening module for you and give you immediate steps on improving your performance. We are going to share the secrets to mastering your very powerful subconscious mind and how to re-program your mind for trading success. In this program we look at a detailed analysis of the human brain and how it reacts to the pressures of trading. We look at the classic signs of a trader who is struggling with the psychology of trading. We dig a little deeper and show the science behind the processes, the cause and effect on your trading. Our first video in the series looks at how to identify the signposts of our thought processes associated with the trading process – it’s all about preparing your mind for trading. We can’t wait for you to immerse yourself into module 2.

Module 2 – Part 2 – Mind Mastery - 30 Day Visualisation Challenge

This is where we are going to take massive action in our commitment to becoming a professional trader. As you go through each day it is critical that you follow and complete the daily tasks. Remember your goal for the thirty days is to complete each day and keep that motivation peaked for performance.

Module – 3 – Setting Up Your Trading Business

Every great business starts with solid planning to build a stable foundation. In this module we will help in building your stable foundation to a great trading business. This is done by helping you develop a trading Business plan and ensuring you have the appropriate tools to launch your trading business. We will cover business risk and opportunity, look at strengths and weakness then set out a process for building a strong trading business.

Module 4 – Setting Your Objectives

Knowing what it is that you want from trading is a critically important part of the process to help in achieving your objectives. This is where we help you crystallise your trading goals so you are laser focused moving forward. These goals will be achievable, realistic and most importantly we will be measuring your performance.

Module 5 – Journaling

Journaling is our opportunity to document your progress through the course. You will be surprised as to how beneficial this process is in your trading journey. It also allows you to identify ideas and concepts within your trading that can be later tested objectively and implemented to improve your trading edge.

Module 6 – Trading Style

We all have a preferred trading style; the challenge is to find your style as we start to build your profile in trading. In this module we are going to determine your preferred trading style and build on your strength by developing a multi-system trading portfolio around your preferred trading style.

Module 7 – Risk Management

This module will be a valuable tool in moving you closing to becoming a professional trader as we start to really hone your skills and knowledge on risk management and portfolio risk management.

Module 8 – Market Profile

The more you know about the market you are trading the greater your profit might be. In this module we are going to comprehensively research the specific market/s you are going to trade to significantly improve your trading edge.

Module 9 – System Knowledge and Development

The better you know your system and the market you are trading the more profitable you will be. So in this module we really get “under the hood” of our systems to ensure you have a very comprehensive working knowledge and are able to maximise the system performance. It is also an opportunity for traders to contribute to each systems ongoing development. One of the key tenants within GMT Futures is to strive for continuous improvement. You will experience this process during the work you do in this module.

Module 10 – Backtesting Your Way to Success

The lost art of manual backtesting is a critical piece of the trading puzzle. We are going to review the process here so you can take advantage of this skill set moving forward. That will then help us with identifying better opportunities when we undertake the automated backtesting.

Module 11 – Money Management

If there is actually a holy grail in trading, then great money management might be the answer. In this module we are going to share with you a powerful game changing money management model.

Module 12 – Developing Your Trading Plan

A trading plan sets your framework and objectives for your trading business. This document is your map through the markets and is a critical part of the GMT Model.

Module 13 – Trader Self Assessment

Accountability in your performance will be critical in your ongoing trading journey. We have helped to build this into your process by including our daily trader self assessment.

Module 14 – Portfolio 12 Week Sim/Live Challenge

The 12 week challenge is where it all comes together. This has proven to be an excellent springboard to our live trading and we help in taking traders to the next level of performance.

Module 15 – GMT Auto-trader (system Automation)

Making sure your automation is running correctly is vital to your operation. In this module we “skill you up” to manage system automation to help ensure that your systems are running without any technical issues. At the completion of this module you will have the confidence and competence to oversee your system automation process.

Here is the end of the Owl Traders Academy and or traders that want to do the Emerging Managers Platform which is optional as not all traders want to manage third party money.

Module 16 – Review & Improvement

To ensure we are hitting our goals and objectives a review of the process is carried out with you and your coach at the 3, 6, 9 and 12 month stage of live trading.

Module 17 – System Development - Advanced

This is where we review, develop and improve our systems as a team. Our weekly live sessions have been an excellent addition to the program as each week we build on your expertise and implementing the GMT Model.

Module 18 - GMT Pro-Trader Weekly Live Training

The members have voted this as their favourite training module because it’s live. Our team thrives on collaboration and this is our weekly team meeting and live training session which often extends to two sessions per week. We cover topics such as:

Top 10 systems Review.

Weekly system performance assessment.

Review of the Markets.

Ongoing system training.

Ongoing system development training.

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